Do animation sync groups only work within a single state?

hi, i have an animation state machine and i am trying to make a partial body attack while running. i have a “run” state, and then the “running attack” state. in the running attack state i have the run playing as the base and the partial body on top of it, and i am switching between the running attack state and the running state. i have the run in both states set to the same sync group, but they are not syncing, every time i press attack the run animation starts over. any clues as to why this is happening?



I have the same issue: 2 blendspaces with the same sync group but in 2 different states. At run time they are not synched and restart every single time from the animation’s 1st frame.
Does anyone knows why or has a solution?

I’ve noticed if the transition duration is greater or equal to 0.1 sec the synchronization is working but with smaller duration it just ignored it.
I don’t know if it solves your problem but I did fix mine this way, even though it’s an undesired limitation.