do 3D artist are valuable ?

i am 3D artist who create realistic model. i also include LOD in my model, the texture are divided in 3 parts for medium sized items (1k,512,256) and 2 part for small item. low poly, and naming are done very well.

but do they sell well being a 3D artist ?

do people often buy 3D model ?

Too general a question for a useful answer. If you are good you will be able to sell your models or services. Why not show us what you have made?

Show us what you got.

Depends where you live and who you work for…
I used to make 3D projects for industrial outdoors that later would be cut by laser printers and assembled to a real outdoor placed on roads out there or Hotel facade…
Was a way for me to learn 3D and Maya, but I never felt valued and as soon I managed to learn programming and pay bills with moneiz coming from game programming jobs, I stopped making 3D stuff altogether and quit the company =S

I never worked as a “modeler” for games specifically tho (although I did model some things as an extra effort outside my programming duties), so about that area I don’t know…
I know that there are (extremely skilled) modelers in China who are happy to work on the industry for as low as $10K per YEAR so yeah, I would never expect competing with them ^^

If you’re thinking about selling stuff online on sites such as TurboSquid, well, there are also established companies already with tens of thousand models selling there as well so good luck fighting them for a piece of the market; If you want to work on feature film you must be “a god” of modelling like this guy:

But in the end if you have a good strategy for yourself, nothing is impossible, just don’t hope it to be any easy to work as a 3D Artist and *keep *that position for long.

Wow. That guys was a god.

and come from brazil.

Yes i believe so, as long as you keep improving as an Artist and put your work out there.