.dna file in maya

Could someone at Unreal share a way to generate a .dna file for a character head?.
We at Breda University are trying to use our own scanned head with the metahumans rig with limited success and we have found that the .dna file sets up the constraints and limits for movement .Could someone at Epic share some information for a way for us to be able to generate a custom .dna file.



I am currently doing the same thing. Basically we would like to use our own head mesh to replace that of MetaHuman while still using the expression system of MetaHuman.

Up till now I only work with unreal engine and blender. Do you mean that .dna file is essential to using control rigs?

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My guess is that the dna file generates all the the joint transforms for the poses analyzing a blendshape only rig. This will approximate the poses with a skin cluster and add correctives on the top to have 1 :1 match with the shapes rig.
The list of all the blendshapes is in the blendshape node head_lod0_mesh_blendShapes.
Would be great to have all these tools available to generate custom metahuman rigs…

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I second that. Having a lot of problems over here too when it comes to juggling that file around with a custom mesh, especially when it comes to creating LODs.