DMesh not appearing in Viewport

Adding the Destructible Comp to a static mesh and, dragging the gimble around, the Dmesh is not there but assigned in the Details section under Destructible Component.

I’ll add - I assume there’s overhead I’m saving on swapping the static to the DM when needed and not having all the DMs active.

Should I be seeing it here? If not, here’s how I’m calling in the BP.

SO I got a bit further! DMesh appeared in the Viewport after restarting Unreal (4.21). Now I wonder how I can apply directional dmg to a Destructible Mesh. Right now I can only call the “Set Destructible Mesh” node and it’ll break but doesn’t look dope - I need it looking dope.

Anytime I apply the “Apply Radius Damage” with the target being the Destructible component, and the ‘Hurt Origin’ being the “Get World Location” of the Destructible component, it doesn’t work. This saddens me. Whom at Epic can make me happy? WHOM!

Ok! Slowly but surely. Please excuse my documentation of my experience here as this my first time doing Unreal work.

Ended up you need to set the Destructible Mesh and then apply the radial damage. That worked! Now I’m trying to get the forward facing vector between player and actor so that we can have directional impulses when player slays the object. I’m taking the vector dif between player and object - then normalizing and applying to the impulse dir on the apply dmg node… no dice. Can you haz dice for me?