DMCA on kickstarter

Hi, I am new here. My posts are not showing up, so now I am feeling rejected. I recently started a kickstarter thing, but they are claiming it has copyrighted content. This is a false claim, and it is also slander to my game. I threatened to sue them (I will too) if they do not remove my profile from kickstarter. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I tried looking for the actual claim for details on whan it was they were referring to, but could not find a DMCA claim list or something. Does such a list even exist? Any thoughts are welcome.

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I don’t know if there such a public register where all claim are available. sorry.

but at first ear the groooaaa of your zombie sounds like those of minecraft (too me at least; the fact that the graphical look and feel is similar too help I think :p),
at first look at lot of textutre, the crafting window, etc… have a look and feel like minecraft, perhaps a bit too much too someone ? (and I don’t know for the coding, etc…)

Even if you didn’t copy-past those sounds, graphic elements if the difference are too thin and can mislead customer, you have good chance that original copyright holder will make a claim to protect his rights.

edit: Sorry, I realised I assumed the claim was for simcube; but there is nothing in your OP to give any clue what your kickstarter was about.

If it’s for ‘SimCube’, then you got a DMCA takedown request because you’ve directly copied assets from Minecraft.

Your trailer:


The resemblance is uncanny, and it’s throughout the game.

Eh… yeah at least Simcube seems to be full of direct/modified Minecraft assets and you are even selling it for $15? If anything I would expect Microsoft to sue you for content theft and illegal sales after they will hear from it.

If you have another project for Kickstarter done the same way then it’s no surprise you are in trouble.