DmC style combat system help

hi guys, I need some help here. I have recently been working on a small project and one thing that’s been bugging me is that when my character is attacking, he cant turn. the combat isn’t like other games where you move while attacking. each attack is its own full animation with root motion for going forward and what not. and there are combos.

I’m trying to get it like with DmC where you can turn your characters between attacks. cause in DmC as well as many other hack n slash games, if you are comboing, you can change directions between each animations but not whilst performing said animations.

so can someone please help me out on this?


Did you manage to solve this issue? as im having the same problem

I remember answering this one recently…I may have to make a video…
But rather easy, right before you play your next attack combo animation make rotation from the players controller axis…

some advice… if you wanna do dmc style hack and slash, don’t use root motion, code the motion in blueprints… that way you can keep moving and turning as much as you want, root motion is great and all… but not for hack and slash games… unless it’s for something like a jump or something… I tried it at first… but then I realised it’s just a lot easier to code in the movement of the character… good luck with your project :slight_smile:

sorry it took so long to get back to you, one way to do this is to have an if statement hooked up to a montage is playing ( my combo ) if true, add movement input, disable all root motion and hey presto! :), if you want to disable turning while the montage is playing then you can hook up the turn function with an if montage is playing is false… easy solution…