Dlopen failure with OnlineSubsystemNull on Mac UE-5.0 Source Build

Plugin ‘OnlineSubsystemUtils’ failed to load because module ‘OnlineSubsystemUtils’ could not be loaded. There may be an operating system error or the module may not be properly set up.

The actual error from dlopen is for some dubious reason hidden by the editor, but after jumping through the hoops to get the editor to log it, here it is:

UnrealEditor[57897:4507623] [UE] LogMac: Warning: dlopen failed: dlopen(UnrealEngine/Engine/Plugins/Online/OnlineSubsystemNull/Binaries/Mac/UnrealEditor-OnlineSubsystemNull.dylib, 0x0005): weak-def symbol not found '__ZN21FOnlineSearchSettings3SetI7FStringEEv5FNameRKT_N19EOnlineComparisonOp4TypeEi’

Output of c++filt:

void FOnlineSearchSettings::Set(FName, FString const&, EOnlineComparisonOp::Type, int)

There is an explicit instantiation of this template in OnlineSearchSettings.cpp which is in the OnlineSubsystem module, so I can’t explain it. Maybe due to circular module dependencies?

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I found a workaround which was to set EnabledByDefault to false for both the plugins OnlineSubsystemNull and OnlineSubsystemUtils. Bro what?

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