Dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "bsd_signal"

So, the android build of my game keeps crashing and the only error I’m getting is this dlopen failed cannot locate symbol “bsd_signal”. What is this and where do even I start to debug this?

all I found is this thread on stack overflow Android linker: undefined reference to bsd_signal - Stack Overflow

But how do I implement that in UE4?

Thanks in advance.

Downloading an older NDK version worked for me, Unreal Engine v4.2.1 requires NDK v14b, which you can download at this link: Unsupported Downloads · android/ndk Wiki · GitHub

Hi Feureau.
Right now i have same issue as you.
Did you fix it somehow? Did the older NDK help?

Yep. It works perfectly for me.

I downloaded NDK r14b. Compile to APK works fine. But Google Play Console wants at least API 26. r14b max API 24. So i cant find out if r14b has crashed or not in android devices

Im lost. Im beginner with developing and debugging games.