DLL problems with downloaded source and how to fix it.

Since I can’t find anything about this on the forum, I am either only one of the few engine source users, or I am simply a complete retards.
Anyhow: When you download the source and try to compile it under windows 8(.1), you will run into some strange dll-related errors.
This is because windows (smart as it is), deems all the dlls downloaded with the source as dangerous, and disables/reroutes them.

Since there is a massive amount of these files, and windows does not offer a native solution for correcting this in batch, I have, after some
cursing and screaming, found this tool called Streams from MS (sysinternals).

This is a command line tool that you just place in the root folder of whatever solution you are working on. After that, open a command prompt
with admin privileges, and (after browsing to where you put streams.exe) write “streams.exe -s -d .”, without the "'s.

This saved me a lot of trouble, and I hope it will for someone else as well!

Interesting, I have never had that problem with the source and DLL’s and I have been using Windows 8 and 8.1 since the beginning and have only used the source version of the engine. Well hopefully this will help others who may experience the same problem.

Happens to me both when I download zip and use the github app :confused:
It’s an intended part of smartglass, or so I’ve read, so It might be that it is turned off at your end or on at my end, by mistake…

EDIT: I see now that GitHub (app) uses HTTPS and not SSH for auth. Might be therefore. The details of the dll sais that it may be blocked or swapped (?) for my own protection, due to it being a downloaded dll.

Download the streams tool from, put streams.exe to your Windows/System32 folder and open a command line in your source folder and write

streams -s -d .

:slight_smile: it will remove all extra streams from all files in and below the current folder, including the marker that the files were downloaded.