DLL bind to new version of Steamworks sdk

UDK natively uses an old version of steam_api.dll.

I’m building my own dll’s in c++ to use a newer version of the steam_api.dll.

However the steam_api.lib tries to link to the file named “steam_api.dll” in the root folder, and i’m unable to replace the old steam_api.dll with the new one due to some old methods missing from the new dll.

So, is it possible to have the steam_api.lib point to different filename (“steam_api_new.dll” for example)?

Or has anyone managed to get around this issue in some other way?


How many functions were taken out of the new steam_api.dll? Does Valve let you download old versions (or the source code them)? Would it be possible for you to make your own dll that contains all of the functions?

That doesn’t sound good, does this mean we are left without achievement support and other features?

I think all of that stuff is handled by the old version of steam_api.dll that UDK already has. I think @Coldscooter is trying to use some newer Steam features.