DLC System

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Guys the DLC system being used in Unreal Tournament already… How about some documentation for us :confused:
For example, you do the commandline stuff okay, but how do the game knows how to deal with the content injected by the DLC? How exactly to build the ‘DLC plugin’, how to organize the project to work with DLC in mind?!
Or is it just the cmd commands, let ppl download and it merges with the game and that’s all?!? Documentation, please :wink:

Do want! I second this request.

I’m also with n00854180t on that one :slight_smile:

Hey there are a short mention of it in the release notes for 4.7


Hope it helps.

Yeah; I’ve read that. But it’s not clear if that is all we have to do and everything ‘just works’.

+1 from my kind of confused how this all will work.

Yeah this would be beneficial to a lot of people. Though right now we want to use it more as an expansion system than a Pay to Win. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. We are working hard on our UT documents and more stuff is being added daily. Here is a link to a section of the tutorials dealing with packaging and sharing content in Unreal Tournament:

Does this cover the areas that you wanted to see covered?

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Benjamin Hyder

Thanks for the headsup but this is related to UT we are talking about DLC Development for UE4 itself the new added feature in 4.7. Since we have no implementation documents and stuf like that we don’t know how to build our dlc like for an episodic game which will have dlc for episode 2-4 and such.

Oh my god; there’s something wrong with forum notifications. Didn’t see this reply. Thank you! I will read it and if questions arise I’ll let you know, thank you very much!

Edit: Nope. Thanks, but the question was about how to use this DLC system on our own UE4 projects.

And yes; we need to know how to use the system on our own games.

I too would like a DLC system. Well not exactly DLC, but a way to download content in-game. You see, I have a base game. Barebones, menu, intro, settings ,etc. Here you can open the menu and see what levels are available. You then can select which ones you want to play and start downloading. The reason for this is that I wanted to offer my audience a way to download a small lightweight program that can connect you to the content that interests you the most without you downloading everything (the size of the project will be upwards to 10-20gb).

I would love to hear more about this system. I program but I would rather keep everything interface based as I’m already to everything in this project as it is.

Is there any estimate about when we’ll get deeper info about how to deal with DLCs?

How to arrange directories, how to make the game look for new content, using this content with a pre-existing instalation…

I came from Brazil Gets Unreal event almost now and looks like we can’t “borrow” the UT solution to our games because it is some kind of proprietary/custom/launcher tied. I think that something was misunderstood (I think that they thought I was interested on copypaste your fileserver and connection stuff) some of us are just interested in know how to post-expand our games sending a standalone installer to our players that doesn’t necessarily contains a complete full install to override all.

Any information about this topic will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Can this be used as updating game contents and such?

Yeah, easy way of authoring and running mods and DLC is a must have thing nowadays.


Hi all,

Just to let you know, there is an existing JIRA for DLC documentation. For tracking purposes, its number is UEDOC-1452. I have commented in the JIRA about the increased interest for this documentation, and I will update here if/when there is updated news.


Just logging more interest.

I’m starting to work around a frontend using iOnlineShop which will just about scrape by but I need to package content and find ways to download it - starting with iOS and GooglePlay.

This is my current state of affairs: How should we implement in app purchases? - UE4 AnswerHub


It is still pretty unclear how the DLC system works. I made a Plugin in my game project, added a Content folder, shoved a Level and Blueprint in the content folder, and when I use the Project Launcher and tell it to build DLC using the name of my plugin, I never see any assets making it into the final .pak files. Also, I don’t see where the DLC .pak file is place. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I feel like I am close.

Mark, we would like to know more information about this issue.

Posted this 8 months ago, still no clue how to build DLC on UE4 :slight_smile: