DLC Request Content Queries

Hi there,

I am currently learning to do downloadable DLC through a server using the Request Content blueprint node but the API hardly have any information.


Firstly, The Remote Manifest URL. How do I actually generate the Manifest file? I tried building the project ample times, but I don’t seem to be able to find any manifest file for the project builds.

Secondly, I am assuming the Cloud URL is where I am uploading my DLC .PAK file at, am I right to assume so?

Much help is appreciated.


Take a look at this page.

Once you run this wizard it will create 2 profiles, one for App packaging and second for creating DLC. Running DLC profile after App profile will create a directory where you will find chunked DLC pak (Cloud) file and manifest which you need to put on the server.

And here how to create logic for downloading and patching.

Document says:

Blueprint library contains all the functionality required to allow a mobile game to download and install game content and patches

but it is not clear from documents, how to apply patches? How manifest file will change if i select patch not DLC. And what to do If i want to add new map. I ticked map from list, but it does nothing.

Please please, improve docs.

Hi have you find any solution ?