DLC Design - Referencing a "Master" Package


I’m very happy in see that Unreal4 has now most of DLC features I’ll need to my product (THANKS EPIC!), but I’m a bit confuse on how to work with these split content while designing the game and specially working on the editor, some clarification will be a Bless.

The Issue:

  • My game will carry on the “basic” shader library (PAK) on the first package, this shader contains all the parents from all the game materials that are built as MITs.
  • The further content (DLCs) will also use this same shader library to their MITs, I imagine that I can simply “copy” this shader folder on all packs and projects, but this will/can mean that I’ll have duplicates loaded for each DLC chapter.


Is there a way to create a MIT on a project referencing a PAK (or this master shader library in another project in some way) to avoid multiple loadings from exactly the same asset on different PAKs?

Sorry if this was already covered in some place, it’s a so much specific question that I don’t even know how to look for past answers.

Thank you.