DLC - Advice on "design" please? :D


First, I must confess I don’t knew where to post this, could be related to Content Creation, Gameplay Programming, Feedback to Epic, so I decided simply place it here.

I’ve seen on trello the DLC card being pushed 2 months forward, which means that we’ll need to wait a bit more before get further info about how to make DLC to U4 games AND most important how to design the game to fit with such feature. Thinking on my previous readings with UDK where we just need point a cook as DLC and everything would be fine, I thought about make a game with “episodic content” on the same model as Blood Siren Curse and or * Asura’s Wrath*.

On reading the localization docs last night, I’ve seen by the “.ini” file namings that there is already at least “some” under the hood knowledge about this, but I couldn’t get any official documentation to use as guide, so I’ve decided to ask here by some advice before start to flag things as “need to be on the game” or “this could be DLCed”.

By the few info at disposal I’ve seen that “functionality related assets” needs to be on the game since the beggining, but this is a bit “abstract”, I know that such decisions need probably be evaluated on a “per project basis” and probably can be a difficult concept to explain, but with a bit more info to use as guideline I think I could get my stuff more or less “prepared” to avoid lots of rework on the future.

So if someone could please point some directions about “how to think” about DLCs on “U4ish” I’ll thank you a lot.