DIY good looking trees

Hi guys whilst looking around the net for good tutorials on making trees i decided to just see how hard it actually is modelling one by myself. And adding in alpha masked leaves etc
i did manage a halfway between terrible and ok tree which has 360 alpha masked planes for the leaves .and a quick model of a trunk uv wrapped in blender .which is a further maybe 300 faces . And for now whilst im learning the tree would do the job but my performance drops to 60 fps when the tree is in the scene … which only consists of maybe 80-90 foliage instances my weapon 20k and my tree 660 polys all in all excluding terrain i have around 22k polygons on screen … my card is the gtx 760 does anybody have any idea why my performance is being hurt so much by the tree ?

Do you have any pictures? The culprit is probably overdraw.

Hi here is a picture it is running at around 70 fps now after i found a destructible wall i had not deleted but 70fps still seems a little low considering the simple nature of the scene

Sorry for wasting your time just rebuilt everything added a further 2 trees and im back to 120 fps with 3 trees i didn’t realise rebuilding would make so much difference …ok i also added a further 100 trees and rebuilt and still getting 120 fps .sorry i will think more before posting in the future