Dithered LOD Transition blocks rendering of Landscape Grass Type

this problem occures only in UE4.22. So when dithered lod transition is activated in the grass material of a Landscape Grass Type, the grass stops to be rendered.
We tried it out on 4 workstations and 2 laptops. One of the laptop has a fresh windows installation with just ue4.22 installed. Everywhere is the same problem.

No custom code is used - we have installed ue4.22 via Epic Games Launcher
No plugins are installed.

I made a small example project:

And also a video:

Please try it out on your ends because we don’t know what to do now.
Tell me if you can reproduce it.

The probability is very low that the problem lies with us, since all systems are individual.


Got a mail from Epic. It seems to be a bug in 4.22. Should be fixed with the next release.