Distribution of pre-compiled UE editor on chaotic-aur

We love Linux, and we want to use the Unreal Engine Editor. Yet, we don’t want to compile the source every time we want to upgrade our install. Epic Games’ EULA prohibits us from distributing the Editor Tools in any form to end-users. Meaning that we can’t upload a pre-compiled version of the UE editor to a repository such as chaotic-aur.

Issue from chaotic aur github page:

Is there any way we can make this work? You won’t pre-compile the editor for us, the least you can do is to let us compile it for distribution.

I don’t think it’s accurate that Editor Tools distribution is wholesale prohibited by the EULA. Namely, you can distribute Editor Tools to other licensees, and if you engage in a public distribution, you can only do that via the Marketplace or a fork of Epic’s UE git.

It is prohibited by the EULA in the sense that the distribution mechanisms require a huge effort of assembly on Linux based platforms. We need to have about 150 Gb free, the build takes at least 30-40 minutes if you have decent hardware, and this is every time a new version comes out.

We should be allowed to build and redistribute along with the EULA notice for purposes of having online repositories such as chaotic aur that has the Editor Tools pre-built for thousands of potential users on Linux.

How can you defend this kind of situation? It is outright ridiculous and discriminatory towards a minority. I really don’t think that I am asking for too much.

The only thing you could do, without changing the EULA and keeping everyone happy, is to build the source yourselves, and distribute via your own AUR and apt (Arch and Debian) repositories.

So the problem solving stops here? Is there no clever solution, or something that you can do at your end?

Can’t you change the EULA to allow for limitless redistribution provided that there is a EULA notice and notice of third party compilation?

I am no legal expert, but I was really hoping that there would be a solution where everybody stays happy.

Man this really sucks, why don’t epic just compile and distribute it for us? And if we compile and distribute is illegal :frowning_face: