Distributing UE4 Mannequin in a download?

I created a default scene for ZBrush which is meant to make it much easier to sculpt stuff for use in UE4. And as a large part of the scene I have the UE4 Mannequin on the side as a reference for scale, position and rotation.
I’m wondering if it’s okay to distribute this scene publicly online, possibly even receiving donations from it, since it includes direct access to the UE4 Mannequin model.
I know we’re allowed to use it in games, but basically giving out the model directly is a whole different issue.

Distributing in a way that makes the Mannequin re-usable?

Yeah, technically.
I stripped away the skeleton, so it’s just an ordinary mesh.

I’m sorry but Marketplace and Learning tab assets can’t be distributed in a way which can be re-used by end users (unless you’re distributing through Epic channels, like the UnrealEngine Github).