Distributing foliage by landscape mask

I created my landscape and generated few distribution masks, like overall vegetation mask, grass mask, forest mask, conifer, broadleaf, flowers, boulders etc. Now I want to automatically place foliage of a correct type according to those masks. Where the mask has white color foliage density should be full and where it is black there should be no foliage, with gradual interpolation in between. I looked at Blueprint Office from Content Examples, it has something similar but it doesn’t read from an image and that is what I need to do. Also it seems to be quite complicated blueprint for a (seemingly) simple task of placing few shrubs.
I could just apply those masks one by one as a texture to my landscape and paint foliage manually using them as a guide, that would take some time but is doable. Still I’d prefer to have an automatic procedure to populate my landscape if possible.

There is an option in the foliage paint section that reads “Landscape layer” but it doesn’t seem to do anything, I tried adding layers to my landscape and setting their names there, foliage still can be painted anywhere.

So my question is, what is the (best) way to populate a landscape with various types of foliage based on masks?

EDIT: I am not sure if this should be here or in the content creation forum, sorry if I used the wrong one. Maybe I should have specified that I am probably looking for a way to do what I described which employs blueprint. But other ways are fine too.

I have this problem to, see my question:

Thanks, I’ll give it another go later. I’ve put this task on hold for a time.

Why don’t you use the physx material, I know its a different approach. if you ensure each layer of the landscape material has a different
physx material applied to it you can place objects going by the hit results of the physx material.

in the video below you can see a few traces (hardly any) spawning in collectable assets for the player as they move around the world. Might not help
but you never know so I thought Id post it in case.