Distributing custom engine builds to team without recompiling?

There have been posts on this before, but I wanted to ask where we’re currently at in terms of how to do this, specifically without using Rocket builds, since they exclude server build targets intentionally in the build system (as far as I know, anyway).

I’ve made a post about it on the forums, with more info: Current advice for distributing custom engine builds to team without recompiling? - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hi all,

I’ve recently switched over to the
source build of the engine and have
started making changes (i.e. FASTBuild
Windows integration thanks to
KnownShippable & CLxS on Github), and
want to make sure that this custom
build of the engine can be easily
distributed to a team without
compiling it on each dev’s machine. It
would also have the advantage,
hopefully, of being as convenient to
use as the launcher version, i.e. not
compiling against full source =
faster, less chance of accidental
rebuilds, etc. This way, I could build
the engine on a separate, dedicated
machine, then copy the binaries back
to my main dev PC + teammates’ PCs.

What’s the current advice for this?
Building as Rocket (as per this post)
is not an option - the build system
will exclude server build targets if
using Rocket. As a last resort, I’ll
look to take all of those out, but
apparently Rocket builds are
impressively complex. Would rather not
have to mess with it. Either way, I’m
looking to keep those server build
targets in the distributed/binary

If you’ve successfully done this,
please let me know! There’s not much
around on this topic.


Any dev input for a good way to go about distributing the binary files without recompilation on each dev machine would be great!