Distributing CrashReportClient to end-users

Is CrashReportClient an “Engine Tool” under the EULA? CrashReportClient is not in the Developer or Editor directories, but the first part of the definition of an Engine Tool is a bit vaguer. Can we distribute to end-users with our product: a modified (compiled, not source) version of the CrashReportClient, only the original version of CrashReportClient, or we cannot distribute CrashReportClient at all? Does the fact that the CrashReportClient mentions various Epic trademarks affect any of this (i.e. whether we can distribute a modified one)?

(Context: Our private fork of UE4 has certain modifications to enhance privacy protection like disabling engine/editor analytics and disabling parts of the crash reporter. The ability to see call stacks and such is still useful, we just don’t want user data sent to Epic.)

We are ok with your redistribution to end-users in a modified compiled form as you suggest.