Distributed Skylight Radiosity

Please Epic make the “Skylight Radiosity” pass on the Swarm distributed along all agents, everyone is doing it on their own in full, so it’s calculated x clients redundantly.
I’m aware that the amount of calculations is directly linked to the “Num Sky Lightning Bounces” in World Settings, recently introduced in 4.18, but I don’t want to lower it under 10, good light is very important for my architecture, design and automobile projects.
Right now with 5 x 32core swarm agents, Radiosity takes over 50% of my Light baking time on “Production”. It would be around 10% if it were distributed, cutting my Light baking time by whopping 40%.On “Preview” it’s about 80% of the time.
So please let it distribute, share it between clients, then go on to processing mappings. All architecture guys will love you for it.

Occasionally I experience swarm agents bailing out from processing mapping and restarting with radiosity (see attachment, the 4th agent started with rad again then wiped it on render end)

Really? I was looking at the Swarm, hoping that Skylight Radiosity calc was distributed among the agents. Does it really calculate the same on all machines? Flushing valuable build time down the toilet? Why tf would Epic do this?