Distribute Plugin in Binaries - Static Lib Size is too large

I’m facing some problems when I try to release my plugin in binaries. 1. The user project’s .target.cs should override the ShouldUseBuildEnvironment to return true when use my plugin otherwise the package process will fail with “cannot open input file ‘project\Plugins\Runtime\myplugin\Binaries\Win64\project-myplugin.lib’” . 2. The static lib of my plugin like UE4-myplugin.lib and UE4-myplugin-Win64-Shipping.lib is too large(almost 50MB) .

For the first one, is there a workaround to avoid forcing the user to change their project’s target.cs? or should I change some build configuration?

For the second one, I compare other engine plugins(like UE4-SteamVR-Win64-Shipping) between compiled from source (53.3MB) and installed version(1.19MB). So is there any compile arguments to reduce the size of my static library?

Any clue is welcoming.

I also post a question at UE4 AnswerHub: the plugins static lib build from engine source is larger than the one in installed engine - Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums