Distribute my game on Apple Store


I have been working on my iOS game using Windows and followed the tutorial iOS quick start on unreal page.

I am able to generate provision and cert files. Also, I am able to deploy my development build through iTunes to the device I added in my AppID.

Now, I have the api file. How do I put the app on Apple Store? I have been searching online but still don’t understand how to… (Don’t know where to start)

I have a mac book but it is very slow. With everything I have already, do I still need to download the editor on the mac and Package the game?

Can someone show me how to distribute my game on Apple Store step by step with everything I have so far? I will be super appreciated!!!

A better question will be: What should I do on my mac if I already have an ipa file with distribution provision?

Is there any way I don’t have to touch unreal on my mac to upload my build to iTunes Connect?


What type of account do you have? A free developer account, which you can make development applications with (with mobile provisioning being valid for 7 days), the Apple developer program ( €100/$100) or the Enterprise program (€300/$300)? I can help you through this but there are different steps to take, so if you give me a reply at these question first we could get further.

Open Xcode.

Menu item: Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Application Loader

That will launch the Application Loader. Use it to upload your .ipa file.

Everything else you do either in the Engine Project Settings, or on iTunes connect.

After you send app via Application Loader, Apple can parse and recompile your app and within 1 hour you should receive an e-mail if app passed entry tests. If yes, you will be able to submit app to the review.