Distribute mesh on landscape with spline

Hy, does anyone knows about a method to place static meshes on a landscape ? I tried with the spline blueprint from the Content Examples, but I wonder if there is a solution to snap the meshes onto the landscape surface. There would be the more tedious solution to just move the spline points by hand so that the spline would roughly follow the curvature of the landscape , but I want to ask if there is a technique to do that automatically inside the blueprint? Thank you!

Sorry for bothering you, but it is urgent for me. I tried the setup that comes from Content Examples, as in the screenshot, then I tried to put in the location transform [this][1] logic, so that it takes into account the landscape when positioning my meshes along the spline. The problem it that it doesn’t work and I am sure missing something.

Thank you!

Hi razanus,

I’m a little confused. Have you tried using the landscape splines located within our landscape editing tool? This would probably be much more efficient for what you are attempting to do:

Yes, I tried with the landscape splines, but it crashes when I create the second point. Probably because the landscape was created in World Machine and is too big, I don’t know exactly. Anyway, it seems that the landscape spline is the best solution. I made my landscape height map at 4096, and imported at a resolution of 4081x4081 (16x16 components).Maybe it is too big, because as soon as I ctrl+Click on the second spline point it crashes. And tried that several times. Thank you anyway for your answer!

ANyway, I remade the landscape so it doesn’t crashes anymore. Using landscape splines it solved the problem of snapping on the surface of the landcape, BUT I have other problems now: one is that when I select all the segments and add my static mesh to them , it starts to flicker very much (also imported without LODs, but they still flicker, although a bit less then with LODs) and the second problem is that I can not randomize their rotation. I have noticed that when I bring in my billboard model from speedtree, that has 50 triangles, they do not flicker anymore, But that is not a solution. THank you anyway for your answer! I will still looking for solutions!

Yes, I remade the landscape and now it works. The problem is that my mesh flickers very much, maybe because of the LODs, but even if I import without LODs still flickers a little.

Try creating a very small landscape as a test. just a flat plane at 7x7 with 1x1 quads. Can you create the spline on this?

Can you show me a screenshot of your static mesh, static mesh UVs, and the material you are using? Does it flicker at any other time or is it only when it is called on a landscape spline?

Yes, sure. It flickers only when used on the landscape spline. As the deadline comes closer, I choosed to only put the wood posts of the vineyard along the spline points , and the vines themselves I will paint them by hand with the foiage tool. Anyway, I would be more than happy to know that there was a simplest way to do this. Thank you very much for your support.

I’m trying to reproduce this on my end but thus far haven’t seen any flickering when I place meshes on landscape splines. Does it only occur with this mesh or is it any mesh?

Only with this kind of meshes. Maybe because of the leaves, or beacuse it;s not a very “compact geometry”, or maybe because of how it is exported from speedtree , I do not know for sure. I can send you the .srt file if you want. Thank you!

Is it just the leaves that are showing this flickering? If you feel comfortable uploading the .srt I can take a look.

I uploaded on wetransfer because all the files were around 50 MB. [Here][1] is the link
If you have time to test it , it would be great. Thank you very much!


Unfortunately due to our firewall I am unable to download from that site. Do you have a google drive link or dropbox link I’d be able to access?

I uploaded the file on google drive [here][1]
Hope it is ok. Thank you!


I uploaded the file [here][1] .
Hope it is ok.
Thank you!


I accidentally sent you two different emails, please accept the epic official one for permissions to access the file.

Hi razanus,

Unfortunately I’m not able to see anything that jumps out at me as potentially causing the error. Do you have any collision that is hanging off of the bottom of the mesh that might be causing the error or is it possible that the spacing between your splines might be causing a problem? Try reducing the amount of meshes called between spline points and see if that helps.