Distortion after retarget

I retargeted my animation according to this guide (…erentSkeletons) but after i done it the animation was right, but the mesh got completely distorted. I am sure that the skeleton was retargeted right. I tried to retarget some of the Mannequin animations. What i basically did was to retarget the skeleteon with the retarget manager and the i right-clicked on the animation and retargeted that to the new character. Maybe someone has ideas how to fix this ? I actually do not know what information to provide else so if anything is needed please write.

PS. I used the program “Make Human” to create the character and used the game engine skeleton.

Same issue here, can’t find anyone who knows.

Did you forgot this step?

Could be the re-targeting has the wrong bones matched.
could also be that the re-targeting pose is not correct.

hard to tell from just a shot of the distortion.

It’s a twist bone problem.
The MakeHuman bone ‘lowerarm02_L’ is followed by the next bone, while Epic bone ‘lowerarm_twist_01_l’ has no child bone.
Just ignore the bone. If you find a better solution, let me know.