Distorted meshes when I press Play and moving around

Hi guys!

I have an issue when I play my interior scene. The scene looks good until I press Play but when I do that and walk/look around in the room my meshes get distorted. I have tried to reduce the FOV but that doesn’t fix it. And I also want to know how to lower the camera when I walk around.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

They player camera is stuck onto the end of a spring arm. If you open up your character blueprint in the editor and go to the viewport tab, look at your Components and try to find a spring arm component, typically called CameraBoom or SpringArm. You can just move this down with the Translate tool (W) to reposition the camera.

I don’t know why your meshes are distorted. But click on it in the Components tab and then in the details panel you can left mouse on the eye icon and choose Show Only Modified Properties and set them all back to defaults by clicking on the yellow arrows. Then your camera should behave normally.