Distorted Mesh

Have a combination of laser scans and photos.  In areas where there are photos and scans combined the mesh is very distorted and triangulated, while the area with scans only is very accurate.  The photos are from a mavic 2 pro and are 5472 x 3648.  Below is the mesh of the front and side of the tower.  Note the differences in the mesh.  The front has combined inputs while the side is laser scans only.

Since you have clean scan data maybe just use the photos during the texturing stage. I believe the artifacts you’re seeing are because of the mesh created from the photos being combined with the mesh created from the scan data. 

Hello Mr. Keller 

Did you successfully align the model on the first try or did you try to connect it through control points? Also can you please show us more pictures of viewport with cameras and few of your images. 

You could even try adding more control points and re-aligning. Two of them if you’ve had any problems is a very little amount.