Distance Tool Not Working Correctly [4.19]

Distance tool (hold middle mouse button and drag in orthographic views to measure from one point to the next) is reading a random number and not centimeters like I have it set in my level editor viewport preferences. Other people at my studio have it working just fine but also have people at my studio having the same issue with it reading off. I can’t seem to find any answers through google. Any help would be much appreciated.

So we figured out the issue for anyone else that might run into it. So those of us with 4k monitors only had the issue at my office. It was part of a feature added in 4.19. Anyways to get it to read correctly when you use the Distance Tool. Open up your Editor Pref. Type in Dpi. Uncheck the enable High DPI Support. It will ask you to restart the engine. After restarting the engine it should work just fine and measure correctly. :slight_smile: