Distance to Draw. A SETUP to Experimental Widget Component.

Hi Epic

A setup to distance to draw in Experimental Widget Component

I’m having problem with this, and actually is very frustrating to set a distance for visibility using linetrace in such widget component, for example, distance to show a 2D HP bar over the enemies head based on the distance between player and Bots.

like in this answerhub picture:

When using such widget in screen space (like 2d HP bars) above the pawns (enemies) head, like in a MMO games this widget is not occluded by objects at distance from player vision. It is always visible even when the bot is running behind a wall, not to mentioning that it’s very messy when there are many NPCs showing HP bars, names, classes and level, etc. My idea, a configuration for distance to show experimental widget component only when this are very close to the player’s camera/vision. So it would only being visible from a configurable predetermined distance, in this case only very close to the player’s view.


i need this too