Distance rendering doesn´t work, Real size planets, landscape

I’m creating a space sim game with planets, like FPS, spaceships, multiplayer etc. but I have a problem with rendering of simple spheres and other meshes of large size and distance, I’ve tried everything from generating mesh field distance, both in the mesh and in the project, but both (the planet and the landscape have problems rendering in distance, watch the video to understand what I say:

Well I’ve seen those black bars somewhere ^^

Okay, if you have a solution, could you comment here?

I don’t have one, but you can check my post in future, maybe someone will answer there https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/860925/horizontal-shadows-related-black-bars-problem.html I started to think this might be related with 4.21 version.

I found solution for myself. It was “Near clip plane” in project settings. Reverting its value to default 10 (restart editor required) fixed the problem for me.
Additionally I can see your’re using fogs, you can take a look how does your problem looks like without them.

ok, i’ll try

Worked, Now that renders it from a far distance. If I increase the near clip plan to 100 maybe it will improve even better.

If it will be FPP game you should know how does it actually work.


So high near clip plane value may cause problems like this:

And even things like seeing trough walls if your camera would be close enough.