Distance Measuring Tool!

Wanted to create a fun little tool that many people may find useful that I always wish you could do easily in Unreal Engine and that is get accurate measurements more easily. I just submitted this to the marketplace tonight but while I am waiting for things to go through I was hoping to get some feedback on how many people might want something like this or what kind of features people would like to see get added to it?

Currently I have 3 basic measuring tools created that are mostly the same but offer slightly different functionality as to how designers can get measurements or what they needed measured.

All 3 tools support the following:

  • Accurate measurements using both the imperial and metric system
  • Will accurately show - Feet, Inches, Miles, Meters, Kilometers, and Centimeters
  • Option to change the text color
  • Toggle between displaying either the imperial system or metric system (Only changes the words above the actor, both will still be displayed in the options)

The first tool allows a designer to pick two actors in the level and they will get an instant measurement of the distance between these actors. The refresh option is only there for if one of the actors gets moved after you’ve assigned it to the blueprint (Similar to how the skydome blueprint in Unreal has a refresh option)

The second tool is the most simple of the three tools but perhaps the most important one to most. It basically gives you a point A and point B that can be moved wherever the designer wants them to be, the blueprint gives a measurement for the distance between the two objects. It is very useful for measuring things like the height of a character or building, to measuring the width of a hallway.

The 3rd tool in the set basically gives the designer control of a spline so that a non-straight pathway may be measured. Very useful for measuring things such as the length of a winding road or the running distance a player has through a singleplayer level. The spline works as any normal spline does, designers can create as many nodes and move things around as much as they want, measurement is measured for the total length of the spline.


Things I already plan to change/add:

  • Change the “Show Feet/Show Meters” to be simply “Show Imperial/Metric”
  • Change the “American” word to be “Imperial” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this is something that people will find useful? Also please leave any feedback or things you’d like to see added!


Looks like a good tool for environmental design. Not too difficult to use and gives a good scale representation of the area.

Any chance for a “circular” tool to measure circumference, diameter, and radius? I know it could be done with the spline, but a pre-built circular spline that can be scaled up/down and give accurate results would be gravy.

Yes I can add a tool for measuring circumference, diameter, and radius that is scaleable.

I added the tool for measuring diameter, radius, and circumference and put up a video to quickly show how the tools actually work.

Added the ability to set a custom scale if for some reason you have scaled your characters and overall environment differently than the 1cm =1UU than the custom scale will allow you to get accurate measurements depending on whatever scale you are using in your game.

Dude this is awesome! Really great tool for making multiplayer maps, im sure :slight_smile:

Good job!
This is great for film previz as you can measure camera moves and camera placements as you design your real world camera shots. It would be a good companion to the new DOF Camera and Colorama assets in the marketplace.

Hey there, This tool looks very useful but it appears it’s not being updated. Are there any plans to get it working in 4.9.2 and 4.10?

Hey KernalPanic, the current version on the marketplace works perfectly in both 4.9 and 4.10, I believe Epic Games will be updating the posting to show it soon :slight_smile:

Updated :slight_smile: