Distance Matching and Transitions

Hey Everyone! I’m new to UE development and I’m currently trying to recreate the locomotion from Paragon to better understand UE animation. I used this great talk ([Nucl.ai 2016] Bringing a Hero from Paragon to Life with UE4 - YouTube) as a starting point and got the start and jog animations to work realy good. But all the methods that came to my mind during the transition from STOP to IDLE cause very noticeable twitches on the mesh. I’ve tried doing them when the character’s speed is zero, but the stop animation doesn’t have time to finish. Has anyone else experienced something similar and can share some advice?

You can’t have things run right without a custom calculation returning needed values ahead of time via C++.

The whole idea is to “match distance”.
To do that you need to know beforehand what the distance will be, so as to “trim” how much of an animation you use.

If you have appropriate c++ in place, then you just take the value it returns and you use it as the starting point of the animation.

Either way, sort of irregardless of any of it.
The tutorial you followed breaks Fasth Path as does almost every epic made tutorial.
Meaning, it’s definitely not the right way to do things anymore.

And maintaining fastpath compatibility with motion matching is pretty complex.

As a general rule of thumb.
All calculations happen on the character.
The animation BP only reacts to boolean switches.

The “automatic” button on transitions allows the transition to happen once the animation has fully played out.
And you cannot combine it to other stuff like and And or an OR even if boolean, as that requires computation and disables fastpath.

To get around this, you can nest state machines and have multiple checks.
Leading to better performance but “trash” work when you try and understand how it works…