Distance Field Touch Bend

How would I make it not move it’s z? Right now, if I place the grass on a static mesh (that has distance field), the foliage just gets pushed upwards.

Use a make float3, but only plug in to the x and y inputs.

I did everything you guys did, applied it to my grass model, and all i get is my character zipping through the world…like doing some seriously odd ■■■■. And now my grass hovers over the ground as well.

I figured out that if I got rid of the offset thing the grass now touches the ground again. However still cant get it to show any grass being moved. I did what @hippowombat did and got nothing from that. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT I added the offset back and it works. HOWEVER, now I have hovering grass…

Okay, I resolved it. I was thinking, I only want the offset to be in the X and the Y, not the Z. I added a compMask after the clamp and was able to fix it! <3

EDIT Thought I had it fixed, only sorta. I added a sphere like @hippowombat said he did, but it makes my player have odd shadowing on it (cause it has to cast the shadows to the AO stuff to make this effect work) Any thoughts around this?


I’m really interested in that.

Can you please explain how you added the deformation permanently?

Just a note for anyone finding this right now, this hasn’t worked in a while since Epic gave the landscape distance field information after I made this. That’s why the grass repulses, and I don’t know that there’s a way to fix it.

How to combine it with grass wind system, i have try lot of things but it does not work good together… :frowning:

Hey - from the future here. Under your landscape’s details you can uncheck “Affect Distance Field Lighting”.