Distance Field GI artifacts in game

Im assuming this is happening because im using instanced static meshes and not a problem with playing the game, but when i run my game the distance field GI messes up. And it only messes up after initialization and the meshes are replaced with instanced static meshes (its a part of my game). ive used instanced static meshes and distance field GI in other projects and it doesnt have this same artifacting so im not really sure whats going on

on the left is in editor/immediately after starting my game, and on the right is in game

all static lighting is disabled. heres the settings for my skylight

Begin Map
   Begin Level
      Begin Actor Class=SkyLight Name=SkyLight_1 Archetype=SkyLight'/Script/Engine.Default__SkyLight'
         Begin Object Class=BillboardComponent Name="Sprite" Archetype=BillboardComponent'Default__SkyLight:Sprite'
         End Object
         Begin Object Class=SkyLightComponent Name="SkyLightComponent0" Archetype=SkyLightComponent'Default__SkyLight:SkyLightComponent0'
         End Object
         Begin Object Name="Sprite"
         End Object
         Begin Object Name="SkyLightComponent0"
         End Object
      End Actor
   End Level
Begin Surface
End Surface
End Map

i dont know if this is a bug or some setting im missing but i really hope epic fixes this if it is a bug. im holding out hope for distance field GI since it seems to be a promising dynamic GI solution, and realtime GI has been the only feature really lacking from UE4

Hi Ensaides,

For the moment DFGI has been abandoned and never really made it out of an experimental state. So there are going to be issues with it unfortunately. It’s not known yet if we will revisit it in the future, but that is always a possibility.

You can read more on DFGI’s status in this thread here: The state of Distance Field GI in 4.8 - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

I did do a quick test in one of my test projects for Distance Fields in 4.9 and I’m not seeing any difference between Instanced meshes in a BP or single placed static mesh.

Thank you!