Distance Definitions : Invalid or corrupted input

I have a text file with my distance definition in it and it keeps saying it is invalid but I am 99.99% sure it is correct.

"ruler 001b" "1x12:012" "1x12:013" "0.50029"

If it change the distance value at the end to 0.5 and reimport the file, it works! Even crazier is now if I revert the file back to the correct distance value, purge the distance constraints in RC, then reload the file it works too! That is very odd!

Is there something about that value for the distance it doesn’t like?

Dear ,
I have just simulated your case on my side and have tested it with the exact form of your command and have not been able to reproduce such issue. Possibly a random error or maybe you have selected wrong form in the import menu. Anyways, rather try and reinstall RC to prevent this, if it keeps happening.

I will try and create a really simple case to test again and if it still fails, one that I can package and send to you guys… what is the method for sending project data to you?

Well if you will be able to create a small scene where this happens repeatedly, then sure why not, but I have really done the same as you have. You can upload it anywhere or send via WeTransfer our email is support@capturingreality.com

Hello ,

Please be on the lookout for an email to support which includes my data for the bug report. Thanks!

This is resolved… some weird (hidden) character got into the file. :shrug:

Thanks for support team for their help!