Distance Definitions file skip missing distances


I get an error about one of my points missing in the distance definition files, but there are valid distances in the file that are worth creating. Why fail/abort here when you can just skip those distances and prompt the user?

You see I have a set of scale bars, all with different coded markers on them and I would like to use one master distance definition file that contains all distances that _ could __ _possibly exist in my data set. I might not be using all of them for that shoot, a small object vs a medium/large scale object might use different scale bars.

I see where you’re aiming this suggestion and it does make sense to me. I will try to move this request further. Meanwhile, make sure you have the command set correctly according to the scene.

Yes, please let me know when this is available… it is crucial since the person capturing might not be the person processing and the person processing might not have the time to look at all the images in the data set (hundreds - thousands) to determine which distances to include in the file.