Distance Counter Blueprint

Hello there, new to this forum and I’ve been new to unreal for 1 Month now, starting to get the hang of things BUT I am strugling to make this distance counter!

I am looking to find a way to FIND and PRINT the distance that my character has ran since the start, I tried many things, but all failed…

And with that distance to save it somewhere.

ps: I have a bit of knowledge with the HUD system and bindings.

Thank you for reading this and if someone could please help me with this issue I would be very greatful!

That’s the basic concept. After doing that I would make a variable and just add to it when its moving.

Oh I would of never seen it as simple as that! ^^ I will try some stuff out based on that and reply ASAP, Thank you !

No problem. I actually got an idea to make use of distance counting in my own experiment :slight_smile:

Same here :slight_smile: If you need ideas i can help you, i have a couple but I won’t be able to achieve any, i have not enough knowledge to do so yet^^

If you want just pm me your ideas you don’t think you will be to do and I’ll try doing just for my own practice after I finish what i’m currently working on. No guarantees I’ll be able to do it.

Sure ! It could even be something you could use who knows!

It worked, i’ll go check pm in the morning, thanks alot Scott!

No problem, good luck with your endless runner.

Hello guys i dont know that you still have this issue but i get answer for you ,you need to make widget for your distance and bind him like this