Distance Between Two FRotators

So I am trying to rotate an object using FMath::RInterpTo like so:

SetActorRotation(FMath::RInterpTo(GetActorRotation(), OpenRotation.ToOrientationRotator(), DeltaTime, .8));

Now obviously it will never quite reach the position (OpenRotation) but that is the goal. Now what i need to do is to check if the GetActorRotation() is close enough (± 5 maybe) and then set it to OpenRotation. But I have tried turning it into a vector and comparing distance, dot product, using ACos, and it always comes out weird. OpenRotation is a FVector I set in blueprints if that helps.


It shouldn’t come out weird, did you normalize vectors before calculating the dot product? Anyway here’s the solution for angle between arbitrary vectors:

Yup, actually forgot to normalize it, did not know that was necessary, but it fixed it.