Dissolving Gradients

Hi all and welcome to my first submission to Unreal Marketplace. Let me present to you…

Dissolving Gradients

Now Live on Unreal Marketplace!

This last week I’ve been working on setting up the Dissolve Gradients for UE4 marketplace. Since this was something I wanted and for my indie project - Solar Warden for the Damage Shaders on the hull of the ship (and for later effects like Shield Destruction) I needed a Material that was easy to setup with PBR textures and could blend between 2 surfaces but also allow the material to receive input from blueprint to change the dissolve parameters as the ship takes more damage.


I figured that other projects would be able to utilize this as well. :slight_smile:

Create Dissolving or blending materials from these master material templates. Include any color you wish to the dissolving gradient by changing the parameters on the instanced material. Noise Maps can either be computational for high quality, or put into a noise map texture to save on performance. Noise maps can also be animated.

I’ve also included some example assets which include melting metal, corrosive acid, dissolving Water/Bubbles, even Ice and Lavastone. Perfect for Damage Shaders, Weapons/Spells, Enviroment assets, VFX, etc.


Check out a quick video showing off some of the possibilities!

That looks really cool :cool:

Has been approved for Marketplace, just waiting on release date :slight_smile:

Dissolving Gradients is now live on Unreal Marketplace!