Dissolving Effect for Top Down Game

I’m trying to figure out the best way to create a dissolving effect for meshes blocking the camera’s view. The video below is what I’m going after.

See the dissolve effect on the umbrellas at 5:03…

[video]- YouTube

I’ve tried setting up a master material utilizing the method described in the video below, but I’d rather not have to implement that into all of the materials in the level.

What would be the best way to go about achieving this effect?

Try this blog from a forum member:


Hey, link love! :slight_smile: Thanks originalbadboy

One thing I didn’t include in that blog post but should have is that in many situations you’re going to want to use screen-aligned UVs. You get slightly different between using regular UVs and using screen-aligned UVs and it’s worth trying both since it’s just one node.

No worries … I couldn’t really remember who the forum member was, apologies for that!

Great blog though in doing this sort of effect, I really don’t understand shaders (fully anyway) yet, so this helped out a lot. Not sure I will be using it personally at the moment , but its cool nevertheless. Yes whilst I was testing it I found the screen aligned works best for basic ‘wipe’ affects otherwise you would need am additional UV map depending on the mesh in question. For the dissolve type effect its probably not as important, really depends on what you are after.

I think its all the IF statements that get me as they don’t really work the same way as ‘normal’ code, well they do but the syntax is very odd, to me anyway.