dissolving an imported component

Is it possible to “dissolve” an imported component without losing camera alignment?
The reason I’m askin is that I exported my area of interest from a larger scene.
Now when I delete the component (external file) after I imported it into a new project, it won’t save nor load any more.
If I hit align, the absolute orientation will be lost and it will “break” into 2 components.
I need to be able to keep the orientation but want to get rid of the external file, because it will only waste space…

No ideas?
I think in terms of archiving this is quite a handicap…

Hi Götz Echtenacher

then try use XMPs, but COMPONENTS are the right way, HDD space is cheap.

So I gather there is no solution to properly incorporate an imported component without losing its georeferencing?
Would it not in theory be possible to run an alignment with everything locked?
I did try that but ended up with the same problem as described here:
Align two geo-referenced components

I did not look into XMP yet.
Do you mean for archiving or instead of rcalign to be imported as component?

Ok, use of XMPs is explained in the help under REUSE ALIGNMENT.
Spotted it by accident in a post from lubenko somewhere else…

Wishgranter, it is not only about space but also just another error source that could easily be eliminated.

I think I did understand the XMP workflow now but I have one more question:
Is it necessary to copy all the image files into a new folder and then use them with the XMPs or can that be done with the original files as well, without the duplicate? Is the duplication only for general hygiene so that one can still work normally with the old images?