Dissolve FX pack

Hi, this is an effect pack I’ve been working on. The pack contains 5 variations of the dissolve effect:

  • Simple dissolve: The classic dissolve effect everyone knows with some cool additions such as a border ramp texture and an animated mask option.

  • Gradient dissolve: This one takes in a scalar gradient between 0 and 1. Then it moves the border of the effect on that gradient. Any gradient works: vertex color alpha, a texture channel, clamped world position…

  • Planar dissolve: A plane is used to determine what part is dissolved. If you remember the UDK version of this from my YouTube videos, there are many new features such as a helper plane which you can move, scale and use to limit the effect region to a rectangle or an ellipse.

  • Spherical dissolve: Similar to the planar variant, a sphere is used instead. You can decide whether inside or outside of the sphere is to be dissolved.

  • Cylindrical dissolve: Similar to the Spherical dissolve. It also has the “infinite” option which determines whether the cylinder has infinite length or not.

This is going to be submitted for the Marketplace BTW. Any feedback is welcome!

Awesome work! Really flexible system.

Can the helper objects be dynamic? Or must they be the preset Actors? I’m wondering if a SkeletalMesh could be used as the helper object to achieve even greater flexibility. Or in my case, could the Rope Mesh from my plugin be used to drive the Dissolve?

Thank you VICOGameStudio, I’m glad you like it.

Arbitrary objects are only partially possible. A gradient generated using the depth fade node can be used. However, as depth fade can be used only in transparent materials, its use is limited in this case. Here’s how that looks:

This is a static mesh but a skeletal mesh would give the same result.

Looks good man!