Hi, for the last month or so I have not been getting a message “ERROR! No version information received” I also can’t log in getting this message: ERROR! Did not get a response. Are you connected to the internet?

Sent a bug report to answer hub a month ago but no response from anyone.

I am sorry you are disappointed.

Did you search Answerhub for similar issues?
Have you searched the forums for similar issues?

A quick search on Answerhub revealed a lot of similar questions and a lot of resolved questions for similar issues to yours. Please can you try the search function on Answerhub and if that doesn’t work, please update your post and I will see if I can flag someone from Epic down to look at your issue.

But I do recommend you try to search Answerhub first.


hi, thanks for reply. UE was working fine for a while, then the problem started with out any changes from me. I was asked to send an epicgamelauncher.log which I did on answer hub almost a month ago with no response at all.

Okay … please go to that same Answerhub post and add a comment (in essence bump it) … and then we can see from there.

ok thanks for your replies

Did you take a look at this page? : A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

I had the same problem, came out of nothing while I had no problems for a year. On the page at the link the thing that worked for me was:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply, I’ll give that a go, regards

Martin!!! you are a star my friend…it worked…thank you so much mate, top man

I’m glad it helped :slight_smile:

It is weird though… For a year I didnt have any problems and suddenly it didnt work anymore. I’m curious what is causing the problem.

Very strange indeed but so simple to fix :slight_smile: thanks again matey, have a great day