DisplayName of a UEnum only available in editor builds?

We’ve been running into an issue where we’re using the DisplayName of our enumerated types – i.e.

enum EGameSeason
kGameSeason_Spring UMETA(DisplayName=“Spring”),
kGameSeason_Summer UMETA(DisplayName=“Summer”),

etc., in various parts of the game for different purposes. However, there’s a big “#if WITH_EDITOR” block around UField::GetDisplayNameText(), which means that it’s not available in non-editor builds … and GetEnumText() returns a different value in this case.

What is the reason for this? Is there any reason why we shouldn’t be accessing these DisplayName fields directly from non-Editor builds, such that they are #ifdef’d out?


Can Epic stats on this ? This GetDisplayName is really useful to put the enum in UI? Why can’t we get it outside of Editor Build?


I’d really like to know why this is too.