Displaying text, enter and structure

I would like to ask about the problem in Unreal Engine 4.
Normally if I have text/string variable I can add “break to the next line” by Shift + Enter.
If I have a Structure that is containing variable string/text this way is not impossible - Shift + Enter doesn’t work in my project. Is it somehow connected with project/editor settings?

  1. How to add “Enter” in situation above? Why solution Shift + Enter doesn’t work?

  2. Is there a function in blueprints that counts number of letters/digits in given text? Eventually does exist something similliar?

  3. How can I somehow include a language file to my project? Language file should be built as an array? It should work like “I need a text 15 so i take from this language file text of index 15 from an array”? How does this mechanism work? I would like to create functions that will display possibility of using another language, if I add appropriate language file in folder.

Thanks for Your answer ; )

In your struct:

Thank You

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