,Displaying stereoscopic video in Unreal Engine 4 (Gear VR)


I’m developing for the Gear VR. I have a video texture wrapped around a hemisphere, and it plays back quite nicely on my Note 4.

I would like to have two hemispheres - one seen only by the left camera, one seen only by the right. Then I’ll be able to show stereoscopic video on the Gear VR.

However, I don’t see where the “Gear VR Camera” is - I’m using the First Person template, I just have a single camera that is being converted to a stereo camera at runtime on the Gear VR.

Is there any way to separately access the L and R cameras for the Gear VR?

Thank you!

there is no left or right cameras,U play the VRPreview mode,the engine create two cameras itself ,then U see stereo.