Displaying Player position in Widget and storing it in a data table for future use

Hello! I am pretty new to unreal engine, and I am working in a project that is a game that helps test one’s memory. The game itself works but I am trying to make a widget that draws the player’s path on the map and not sure how to do so. I have been playing around with render targets and been able to display an image of the game map on a widget, but I am stuck when it comes to drawing the player’s path. Also, I would like to be able to store the player’s path in x and y coordinates to use for future reference.

The information in that website is pretty much what I want in my project, but I am unsure on how to do it. For the widget, the video preview shown in the link is what I want.

My blast from the past, eh?

There are many ways to achieve that effect. Render Target is one way for sure - there’s a tutorial in the thread - did you try that? This should give you a reasonable understanding of what the RT is doing, it’s a generic thing applicable in many aspects of material programming.

and storing it in a data table

You can’t store dynamic data in a Data Table. They’re read only. But look into how Map + Struct works. It will give you an identical result but without the snazzy interface which you do not seem to need anyway.

I have tried following the tutorial before sending this post. I am unsure where to start but I have followed the video and then attempting at making the changes the person in that forum says to do. I am pretty new to Unreal Engine so sorry if I am slow. I am unsure where to make the changes stated by the person in forum. I have tried doing so but the changes do not work as intended.