displaying on 55 inch screens

I’m working on a project that will be displaying on a 55" screen in a number of kiosks and viewers will be about 2 meters away (it wil probably be using kinect and touch screen).
my guess, a 4k rendering is required.
the funny thing is, we still don’t know what will be the content, but I’m pushing for using UE4 (it’s a long running project and the content will change from time to time).

so a number of questions:

  1. these specs are enough?

64bit (x64) processor
intel core i7 6700K processor
GEFORCE GTX 1080 (maybe 2 x GEFORCE GTX 1080?)
3 X USB 3.0 ports

  1. do I need liquid cooling?

  2. did anybody displayed real time content on such big screens? any tips?

  3. what is the recommended way to create a UE4 game that can update it’s content remotly? without a user pushing buttons, installing and restarting manually.

Are you sure you’re going to need a 4K display? Without optimization it will be a challenge to make sure that things run well at 4K even on a GTX 1080, though that will depend on what you are doing with it. Also, why the touch screen if the users are 2m away?

And no, you wouldn’t need liquid cooling.

What’s the content ? If it’s not crazy advanced you should be able to pull it off with a 1080, maybe 2. I’m doing 160fps on a decent outdoor scene on 1440p with a single GTX 1070. Not quite 4k but I imagine it would sit around 60fps or so at 4K(should try super sampling to find out). Dual 1080’s should do you fine I think

^Remember UE4 does not support multiple GPU’s

I don’t see why you would need 4k rendering unless you have lots of text.

I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks.

what will be displayed / played is still not clear. every thing is in really early stages. but I’m aiming to push the limits of what is expected and what can be achived.
it won’t display one thing, over time the content will change and I don’t want to find myself too much limited by hardware.
usually the projects will be limited in size. no open world craziness. more like wii games.

the touch screen is because of this lack of a clear vision. maybe it will be used if the right application will arise.

I hope to get a green light and the hardware soon to start experimenting.
I did a small example with unity (sorry. sorry. sorry. but C# is much easier and quicker for me) and intel’s realsense camera. a game where you drive a car in a hilly map with using your hands, no keyboard or other controllers and that got stuff rolling.

GTX 1080 should be fine, if you want a bit more stability and don’t care much about cost then you could get one of the faster Xeon processors rather than an i7 processor. Xeons are designed to be reliable and used for extended periods of time.