Displaying mesh actor velocity on rendered video

So, might be stupid question but, I need to get like a digital speedometer on the screen when rendering my animated sequence camera track. Speedometer needs to show the velocity of a mesh asset or the velocity of camera parented to the mesh asset in the level where the mesh asset has been animated to move around during sequence. I have tried different things but they seem to fail at the point that you are not controlling the actor as a player, but the mesh just moves according to the sequencer animation. Looking for ideas and ways to create this or just some links to helpful images/tutorials. thx in advance!

Hi Jyrl,

My first thought is to use UMG. It’s not super-straightforward to implement, and also getting data from the world into UMG requires setting up the reference.

I recorded myself giving this setup a shot - should help you get started! video

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Hello and thank you!
This is just what I needed. Now i can finally make my blueprints work.
Again, a huge Thank you!

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